Toothache is a sign that something is wrong with your tooth and you should never ignore it, even if it seems to initially disappear. It is often caused by an infection that will need dental treatment to clear it up and to save your tooth. Toothache can take the form of a shooting pain whenever you bite down, or it could be a consistent and throbbing pain.

What Should I Do If I Have Toothache?

Firstly, try gently flossing around the affected tooth and rinsing your mouth with warm water. Occasionally toothache can be caused by impacted food in between a tooth, pushing it slightly out of place. If this doesn’t help, contact us so we can arrange an emergency appointment for you. We can also offer advice about how to deal with the pain until you come to see us. Some people find using a cold compress helps to ease the pain, or that a warm salt water rinse is soothing.

When does Toothache Require Urgent Care?

If your toothache is causing facial swelling, or if you have a fever or feel unwell, please contact us straight away. It is possible you may have an abscess that requires urgent treatment.

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