Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is an infection that affects the root of a tooth, or it can develop in between the teeth and gums. It is a very serious condition that can damage surrounding tissues and teeth and the infection can spread, affecting general health.

What are the Symptoms of a Dental Abscess?

An abscess can cause a severe toothache or the tooth may hurt when chewing. The gum tissue around an abscess can look red and swollen and there might be a small pimple on the gums which is generally quite painful to touch. You may notice an increased sensitivity to hot and cold and you might have a persistently nasty taste. Dental abscesses can also make you feel quite unwell. Your neck glands may become swollen and you could have a fever or facial swelling near the affected tooth.

How is an Abscess Treated?

We will need to drain the abscess to clear up the infection. This may be done through root canal therapy, or sometimes we might have to remove a tooth to allow the abscess to drain. You may need antibiotics to help clear up the infection.

If you even suspect you might have an abscess then please contact Bowen Dental right away so we can arrange an emergency dental appointment to try to save the tooth and to help you feel better.

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