Cosmetic Dentistry

Knowing your teeth look beautiful can be an excellent confidence booster at any age. We have lots of different cosmetic dental treatments that can help restore your sense of youthfulness and protect your dental health. Often treatments are quick and non-invasive and the results will certainly get you smiling.

Which Treatments Might Help Me?

One of our most popular treatments for people of all ages is teeth whitening and this can be a very effective procedure for older dental patients whose teeth may have become extensively discoloured or stained. Other procedures include dental bonding, where a tooth coloured composite resin is applied directly to the tooth surfaces, mending small chips and cracks, restoring teeth so that they regain their natural beauty.

Our dental veneers are another excellent procedure that can dramatically improve a smile, covering up severe tooth discolouration and improving the appearance of misshapen or chipped teeth.

Could I Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be an excellent solution at any age and are highly effective for older adults who may struggle with loose and ill-fitting dentures or who have lost multiple teeth. Provided you are healthy, then dental implant treatment will almost certainly be an option.

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