Preventive Dentistry

We place a lot of emphasis on great preventative dental care here at Bowen Dental, particularly for our older dental patients. As you age, it becomes even more important to take care of your teeth and gums, not only to prevent tooth loss and gum disease but to protect your general health. A healthy mouth really can help you have a healthy body, potentially lowering your risk of developing serious health conditions.

How We Can Help

By providing you with a personalised preventative dental care plan, we aim to reduce your risk of developing any serious dental diseases. A preventative dental care plan is very straightforward and can help identify your level of risk.

Our Bowen dentists and our friendly dental team will help you have the best possible oral care routine at home. If you have difficulty manipulating a toothbrush or floss, we can show you ways to get around this, using different tools or techniques. Whatever your needs, there will always be a solution.

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To make an appointment call us on (07) 4786 2098. We are easy to find at 77 Herbert Street, Bowen QLD 4805.