A beautifully straight smile can look extremely attractive, but many people do not have perfectly aligned teeth. This is where orthodontics can be useful. Here at Bowen Dental, we can help all your family gain a straighter smile.

How Will I Know If My Child Needs Orthodontics?

As a family-friendly dental practice, we love seeing children and our dentists will keep a close eye on the development of your child’s teeth and jaws. If needed, we will recommend an orthodontic evaluation and this can take place as early as age six or seven. By carefully planning their treatment, your child’s teeth can be gently straightened while taking maximum advantage of their growth spurts.

Can I Have Adult Orthodontics?

Yes, we can provide you with discreet braces that are virtually invisible. We offer adult-oriented braces that can be fixed or removable and which can provide results within as little as six months. Our adult braces include Invisalign removable aligners and Quick Straight Teeth which use clear brackets and thin tooth coloured wires.

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